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Keep in mind, boats are not cheap to buy or maintain and there are a Couple of rules you need to follow so as to get invited back
Try to admire the ship along with other passengers and that I don’t have an problem. But don’t you dare tell me exactly what time you will need to be back to the marina. That is a sure fire way to wind up never being invited back.

Along with this extensive and “important” list, I would also need to bring the following below “Guests” or “Be Prepared”: Please, please, please wear white or light-colour-soled, non-skid and non-marking footwear!” There is nothing worse than a guest arriving in cowboy boots (yes, we have had one of these guests and we left him take them off before dressing), heels, or even black-soled sneakers.

We keep it simple. No guest on the ship while it’s shifting — exclusion ship moves to the filling station everybody pays to fill the tanks then upon return they are filled again — it predicted expense sharing, we’re not a charter and never will be and this kind of activity fits into the Coast Guard regulations. Happens possibly once a year same people always show up we generally live out a few days or more — it is the right thing to do and respectful to the ship owner. I don’t have a yacht to pull friends or entertain people at my expense. At over $100 dollars an hour at operational cost comparing a vacation to a house or car is crazy, not even close.

We’ve got people over to our house all the time for dinner, beverages and entertainment. This is normal for some men and women who enjoy that, we don’t expect anything in return but everybody that shows up brings something only because they understand things have a price in lifestyle; we don’t even request anything.

Normally boils down to who your friends are or who you believe your friends are. You all may think that this is crude, rude and harsh. It’s not, it is called sharing and respect. We’ve been to court years back due to a slip and fall injury in a passenger (ex-friend), our insurer paid off the claim after 6 months of lawyers fees that we paid was more economical to settle then go through the full procedure. This having been said, make certain you’ve got excellent insurancecoverage, guarantee your passengers will strike your policy if something occurs, your not insured you could loose everything in courtroom including your ship. People don’t think of some of this until the event occurs.

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