How a Boat from a small Welsh village Was sunk by a u-boat 100 Years Back

With this day 100 Years Back, that a Skewen jump, SS Main sank after being assaulted by German U-boat UC75 at the First World War.

Thomas Soderstrom was among people on the boat who died except the captain, who lived, together with all the crew. Sue Ware, his great-granddaughter, shares the story of what happened.

After being fired on by German U-boat UC75 that the SS Main awakened.

The Main had found shelter in the storm at Luce Bay in Scotland’s west coastto obtain the U-boat had sheltered there.

With this day 100 years ago, that a Skewen jump, SS Main sank after being assaulted by German U-boat UC75 at the First World War.

This Main’s fate was sealed, she was not the boat but her link to my family and to Skewen means that she’s a place in history.

The SS Main belonged throughout the early part of the 20th Century to The Main Colliery Company.

The boat was constructed for use in the coal trade between Ireland Skewen and Northern France at Glasgow in 1904.

With a gun in her quarterdeck the Main was armed at the Beginning of the First World War and also had just two Royal Naval Reserve Gunners.

Though she was registered at Cardiff she was a Skewen boat being loaded with coal from the principal collieries in Skewen Wharf.

She had a crew of 13.

My great-grandfather Thomas Soderstrom was the first mate in the Main and arrived to reside with their four children and his wife Annie in Skewen.

The crew of the SS Main

The crew of the SS Main

He fulfilled Annie Davies at Swansea, she was from Landore, they wed in 1900 and after spending several years sailing the globe so that he could be near his family, he chose to perform shorter voyages.

Their Skewen home was Cardonnel Road, River View.

From that point it was stated that the boat coming back up the river bringing daddy home could be seen by the family. Thomas was Swedish and was from the Aland Islands in the Baltic, he became a naturalised British subject in 1913.

The Main was on her way back into Skewen from Belfast when she met on a stormy night in conditions with the U-boat at Luce Bay.

The captain had gone into his cottage and was awoken at 2.30am on October 9, 1917, once he heard shelling as if from a machine gun.

He may see the submarine on the side about 200 metres away and hurried up on deck. It became evident that the boat sank and the life boats had been launched.

The crew were able to enter one of the life boats but at the confusion that it was not feasible to ascertain if all hands were safe or not.

On the next hours the ship capsized on several occasions and was washed by the seas, each time were left. Eventually Robert McCorquodale, the captain, was left living. He survived 15 hours in the water and was washed up in Port William on the eastern shore of Luce Bay.

Thomas Soderstrom at his wedding to Annie Davies

Thomas Soderstrom in his wedding Annie Davies

The sinking had a devastating impact on Captain McCorquodale and also a letter to the secretary of the primary Company he wrote of his despair in “the loss of all of my crew as well as the fantastic old boat Main”.

My great-grandmother was abandoned to look after.

She was introduced with the original model made by the shipbuilders and the model was at her home in St John’s Terrace for several years before she introduced it to Coedffranc Parish Council in the 1950s and it may still be viewed on display in the Carnegie Community Hall.

One of the aspects of this story is that if you wanted to see the mess of the Main, that tore off the coast of Scotland, you would need to dip off the coast of Norfolk near town of Cromer.

Where people were permitted to see the boat for a little fee the Main was closed in 1919 and brought into the village of Drummore.

This isn’t something that would be regarded as appropriate today the money collected was used to fund a memorial to this ship.

The boat was re-named the boat along with Marden worked until 1929 when it awakened after being in a collision.

There was again a crew of 13. They all survived.

The Main Colliery Company substituted the Main with a brand new boat The Goodwill of Bristol and Robert McCorquodale was the captain.

He expired on the anniversary of the sinking of the Main on board .

After a few years in decline The Main Colliery Company closed in 1928.

Their collieries at the Skewen and surrounding regions had closed and it was the end of an era.

Because we view it in photos of this period was no longer necessary coal mining in the area was in decline and Skewen Wharf.

My grandfather told me this story once I was very young.

He informed me about the trip he took to France on the Main along with his father and the way he queued up with the remainder of the crew to receive his “cover” from Captain McCorquodale.

He was the sole person in the faculty, including the employees, who had been out of the 27, when he went to college.

The family became famous in Skewen and possibly their surname is going to be remembered by a few.

We, remember the lives of all 13 of their crew, men from England, Scotland, Latvia, Ireland, Norway, West Indies and India as those who did not return and died performing their task at a time of great risk.

We remember them and the terrific loss suffered by all who knew and loved them.


Strategies for traveling with No dizziness

We all have experienced this annoying feeling of losing of feeling like our gut, the horizon is about to lose our last meal. Luckily, there are hints to traveling without dizziness.

Dizziness in transferring vehicles is known as motion sickness. It occurs when the information that the central nervous system receives from the management of sight does not match the data that it receives from the middle ear. The vehicle’s steering and acceleration movements do not fit the place of your own own body, the signals that ship the sight as well as the ear and the result is the dizziness.

Dizziness in Boats:

Traveling by boat is that feeling of being only a tiny human ahead of the immensity of the ocean is unique. You must take into account the following, without becoming dizzy to enjoy this adventure:

Analyse the sort of boat: If a small boat tends to move more than a huge vessel. If you’re likely to travel in a boat that is small get ready that we’ll mention.

Know will accompany: based on the road to accompany you can get even the sea that is violent or the sea if you are not utilised to sailing and it is possible to imagine in a tranquil sea, you’ll get dizzy.

Zones of the boat where you will not find dizzy I lived this experience, I needed to operate in the engine room of a small vessel; I was so puzzled that I could barely walk or think.

So as to treat my dizziness I had been set on the boat’s coat, the aspect of the boat is. For many people this can make them more dizzy when they visit the sea, however it’s a panacea.

Dizziness in automobiles:

Dizziness in automobiles is not uncommon in children, given the lack of habit they have when using this means of transport and, in children under two years of age the lack of growth of the nervous system.

To avoid the dizziness of children should:

? Do not allow them to play with with video games use the phone, keeping the view while dizziness raises fixed at a point. ? Give these tunes, games or tell.

? Look forward, toward the horizon. Make them ride in the vehicle frequently as you plan the day of the excursion, that way they will become used to their normal movement.

Dizziness in planes:

They are very common given the stimulation that pressures’ change exerts on its own movement and also our ears, to avoid dizziness must:

Do not consume heavy foods before traveling.

? Do not consume alcohol.

Choose a seat: The chairs towards the front part of the airplane and next to the windows are the ideal. The locations that are mentioned are the ones that move the least during the traveling and sitting next to a window will allow you to concentrate on a fixed item on the horizon. This consists of the brain and restores equilibrium.

? Fix ventilation ducts to allow air to touch the face.

? Breathe gradually and slowly.

? It’s ideal to awaken, this way your body will find its own equilibrium 21, should you feel dizzy.

? If you’re next to another person request that the seat changes.

? Eat cold beverages, it’s highly recommended to consume ginger ale, contains ginger and will counteract nausea and dizziness.

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Peace Boat: Innovating sustainability at the cruise ship industry


THE cruise ship market is predominantly led by North America and Europe — although the Asian area has been emerging as one of the fastest growing, most enjoyable and renewable cruise markets in the world, as a result of Peace Boat.

Peace Boat is now setting the precedent for sustainability at the cruise ship sector by remaining true to its principles of encouraging respect to the environment, human rights, equal and sustainable development and peace, and is making waves in responsible and sustainable travel tourism.

“In spite of concrete improvement, the environmental effect of the cruising industry, in terms of atmosphere and sea pollution and carbon monoxide emissions remains an issue of concern which ought to be properly addressed to the industry to develop renewable,” Peace Boat executive president Rachel Armstrong informed Travel Wire Asia.

Watch “The Ecoship Project” from @peace_boat

— Naton Designs inc (@naton_inc) December 19, 2017

The Western nonprofit, non-government firm promotes political shift and positive social influence through single-player instructional voyages which unite visits to historically important vents with time to relax and educational educational programs.

Peace Boat university program runs works and the voyages as an intensive peace and sustainability class. “Our aim during each vessel is to provide participants with all an insight and skills required to perform an active role in education, activism and also peace-building actions at the grass-roots level in Japan and internationally,”    countries Peace Boat’s website.

Peace Boat’s international student application brings young people from nations using military and political conflict where they could study innovative conflict resolution and analysis. Programs far have worked with Palestine and Israel, both India and Pakistan, and China and Taiwan, to name a few.

Since 1983 Peace Boat was nominated for positive global influence, and, in 2014, the NGO announced the Ecoship Project, a transformational initiative to build the world’s most sustainable cruise ship.

The new cruise-liner is whale-inspired in layout and aims to reduce propulsion energy by 20 per cent, power load and reduce emissions. The ship will run water management system and a closed-loop waste significantly reduce pollution and to stop.

The eco-ship is place to sail into 2020, “Its entire system layout, with its spectacular 10-solar paneled sails, will be a game-changer from the cruise business and supply an economically viable transitional model to the de-carbonization of the maritime sector,” explained Armstrong.

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“Sustainable tourism is incredibly important at the moment. We need to alter how we think of traveling if we actually wish to make certain that the positive consequences outweigh the negative.”

A abundance of cruisers will become aware of the impact, as renewable travel enters the mainstream. But Peace Boat is 1 step ahead and can offer vacationers the identical luxury, cultural and entertainment offerings in ports and at sea as a standard ship, but with the opportunity to broaden your horizons through environmental education, seminars and languages, all of the while knowing you aren’t harming the environment.

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