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The Benelux. This expression refers to the bunch of 3 countries in the northwestern corner of continental Europe. You probably already know about Belgium and the Netherlands. Think about the previous part, the “lux” part? Can it be luxe as the word indicates?

Well, Yes and No.

Depends on whether you are in the money or not we assume. For Luxembourg isn’t only one of the world’s greatest per capita GDP country, but in addition, it has a rather high standard AND cost of living. So luxe can be found here but definitely with a cost.

Due to its location, the nation lies in the manner of our journeys to the eastern side of France. You see, it is practically a straight line to push south from Amsterdam through Belgium and Luxembourg for to Lorraine. Plus it out of there that we make a feint to the southeast towards Alsace. So Luxembourg was a stopover for us.

Another capital of Europe?

Casemates 3But the couple of days we drove we did stop by a few spots in the nation, least of all of the capital with the same name as the nation. We have never been so confused. There’s an EU parliament. Plus they’re in Brussels and in Strasbourg. But there was one in Luxembourg. That we described to be other EU institutions. Can you envision the traveling circus of folks just to get to a meeting? Perhaps they may wish to think about video conferencing… may help them save some money and mother earth too since they tell everybody else to do so.

Casemates 4Anyway, there is NO capital of the EU, but Luxembourg city counts as 1 place where a lot of its institutions are located. And never a location that is poor too. For town is beautiful really. We parked nearby Allee Scheffer (Glacis) which as free on Sundays and it was a fair walking distances to the areas of town. Now that has been a long time you best check for yourself if complimentary parking exist in town. Casemates 1

Built in the late 10th century, the fortress from which town developed is undoubtedly a place to stop at. The Casemates are the remains of the fortress that ringed town. Take a stroll over its walls because you can observe the low-lying suburbs of town. Along with the little canal together with the bridges appeared pretty on a sunny and bright day. If you’ve got a scarcity of time and there was only place to move, then this would be it.

Casemates 2The old city centre is very small and easy to cover on foot and on a Sunday it was rather active. There has been a long line in front of the Ducal palace, so we skipped. Okay perhaps we could return at a future date. There are plenty of stores and restaurants needless to say, so decisions about how to splurge are wide. They revolve after all the bureaucrats of the EU… But as we mentioned early in this short article, it is an expensive city (country) to live in since the cost of McDonalds is higher!

There’s a nation outside of town too

Countryside field 1So off we went driving throughout the nation, to enjoy views of the rolling hills of woods and yellowish blossom areas. These yellow flowers could have been rapeseeds or Narcissus…we were not sure. But they sure looked beautiful! Countryside field 2

And we were searching… for castles which has been.

First stop was at the grand chateau of Ansembourg. And what a pity. Because it isn’t available to the general public whatsoever… and from all sides that the luscious foliage made sure nobody was getting any opinions except to the pointed roofs. Sigh, distraught because we were this was part of the ‘match’ or hunt.

It looked abandoned…

A brief drive away though we spied a signal that is small. Schoenfels it said. Maybe not on our record and for good reason. Since this too was not available to the general public. But we have been determined. We drove a bit since there were no barriers. And it was. There the sweet small castle was waiting for us to salivate over it. Said to have been built in the 1290s, the castle’s defense walls have been destroyed by the French 1690. It changed hands several times and finally ended being sold to the State. When we were there we did not observe any signs of restoration although literature on the web suggest that was the plan. However we succeeded. One in the bag!

Hollenfels was the next goal for us and only a brief drive away. There are 7 of these castles in the middle portion of Luxembourg and this can be one that is available to the general public. And especially the nation has given its use for activities catering to the younger folks. And that is the boon for us since it made easy our quest to bring another castle to our group. Like its peers, the castle has been fought over and changed hands several times over the decades. Finally falling into disrepair and being obtained by the state.

There’s a youth hostel near Hollengels

So you see. Owning real estate isn’t an easy enterprise. Think about the taxes and upkeep. Thus inheriting a crumbling castle could therefore be a poison gift too. Such was the destiny of those and several of those 130 castles that dot this small country of just 2500 km². Wow. However, it is because of this concentration of castles, which makes for an extremely exciting destination to us. One which if we could return would definitely be a place to spend more than only 2 days. Almost like trying to capture butterflies.

Now the family which gave its name to the nation has already gone extinct. Actually for almost 600 years! But the nation continues to exist in part due to its location but also the dexterity of how it has maneuvered its way in larger powers. Much like any other European states that we’ve written about, this one is just another survivor. It’s hard for a little fish to dwell at a pond with several other large fishes which may easily swallow up you!

Drove through a Few times, eventually remained for two weeks in April 2004



Betapa Menyenangkannya Traveling Tanpa Powerbank

Ya jaman sekarang, nggak mungkin banget travel tanpa nentengin smartphone. Instastory itu ajang pamer ke khalayak ramai kalau kita lagi seneng-seneng, yakan yadong? Napas dikit record. Dari jalan kaki, naik pesawat, sampe di bathroom un sempet-sempetin apdet narrative.
Apalagi kalau lagi males bawa kamera, segala urusan perjepretan mengandalkan smartphone Rocco. Jadi butuh banget punya pasokan daya hape yang sangar, supaya bisa travel sambil nentengin smartphone seharian.
Dulu aku gak bisa plesir tanpa powerbank, kemanapun, itu kotakan segede gaban yang berat betul, ya ikut. Jadi walaupun beraaaat, dan bikin ribet, mau gak mau harus selalu dibawa karena adjusting bawa powerbank berat deh daripada nggak eksis bhahahaha
Etapi itu dulu. Kan udah hampir setahun ini, aku pakai Zenfone 3 Max! Hapeku ini diperkuat oleh baterai jenis Lithium Polymer berkapasitas 4.100mAh. Tenang, baterai ini sudah didesain sedemikian rupa, jadi bisa masuk ke body yang tipis, hanya 8,3 milimeter. Jadi meskipun kapasitasnya segede gambreng, situ enggak perlu punya hape segede sendal jepit. ASUS gitu lho, canggih.  
Dari pengujian inner, baterai tersebut mampu bertahan hingga 38 hari saat dalam kondisi standby di jaringan 4G. Dia bertahan lebih lama daripada bapernya kamu liat mantan gandeng pacar barunya yang lebih cakep dari segala sisi. Dia menyala lebih lama daripada ngamuknya ibu-ibu yang udah mana lagi pms, suaminya pulang telat tanpa kabar, anaknya coret-coret lantai pakai lipstick kesayangan.
Kalau dipakai untuk berkomunikasi suara lewat jaringan telekomunikasi berbasis 3G, baterainya mampu bertahan sampai 17 jam! Untuk penikmat musik, baterai dapat memasok kebutuhan memutar musik selama 72 non stop. Nah kalau untuk menjelajah net, baterai tersebut mampu menopang hingga 19 jam.  
Bayangin gaes, kita bisa terus eksis selama 19 jam. Haha!
Masa aktif baterai yang luar biasa ini dimungkinkan oleh tiga faktor. Penggunaan baterai berkapasitas besar, yakni 4.100mAh, penggunaan prosesor dengan teknologi terbaru yang lebih efisien dalam pemanfaatan energi, dan juga modus optimalisasi baterai yang memudahkan pengguna untuk memilih setting yang paling tepat untuk berbagai aktivitas yang mereka lakukan.

Selain punya kapasitas baterai besar dan fitur penghemat energi, ASUS ZenFone 3 Max juga bisa membagi kapasitas energi yang ia simpan di baterainya ke perangkat lain. Dengan fitur reverse charging capability, smartphone ini bisa berubah fungsi pula jadi powerbank.

Gampang! Pengguna cukup menghubungkan smartphone atau gadget lain yang akan diisi ulang menggunakan kabel USB on the go (OTG) yang disediakan pada paket penjualan dan kabel data yang juga sudah disediakan. Pasangkan ujung kabel data (micro USB) ke smartphone akan diisi, dan hubungkan ujung kabel USB OTG ke ASUS ZenFone 3 Max. Tadaaa, daya yang masih dimiliki oleh baterai milik ZenFone 3 Max akan ditransfer ke smartphone yang akan kita isi.
Asik banget yakan, bisa dada babay sama powerbank. Bisa tengil juga kalau ada temen hapenya lobet. Bisa gini gini nih, “Lobet? Sini colok ke hape gue. Gue mah baek anaknya”. Beuuuuhhhhh hahahahahaha
Oh tenang. Enggak perlu khawatir ZenFone 3 Max-nya kehabisan baterai. Dengan applications yang dimiliki ASUS ZenUI, dia akan mencegah ZenFone 3 Max mentransfer daya ke perangkat lain jika daya baterai yang dia punya tinggal 30 persen. Sadar diri gitu bro, enggak kayak kamu, kalau udah klop sama anak orang suka lupa diri.


Andrew’s EB Story: Traveling

Andrew’s EB Story: Traveling

During 2014, Andrew Conrad committed monthly articles on sharing his EB story as a portion of our Family Stories series. He composed about what it was like when he was younger, his college days, along with the challenges he is overcome. Now, 4 decades later, he’s back as a contributing blogger into our EB Story website series! Andrew has Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) and also is an expert property investor living in Chicago, Illinois with his fiancé, Colleen. Check the next episode of Andrew’s EB Story  series below.


Happy new year everyone! I really hope that everyone had an enjoyable time with friends and family during the holiday period. In honor of the fact that Colleen and I only got back from a fast visit to Central America, traveling is in my head. I thought it may be very helpful to write a blog post about traveling together with EB. I’ve traveled all over the world & each destination presents various challenges.

I pack a small dopp-kit that I can carry on a plane that contains the following:

· Telfa adhesive and non-adhesive bandages cut to various sizes

· Neosporin that I think will pay for me for the amount of time I am traveling, together with the presumption I have a cut that requires a full telfa pad

· Self-adhesive gauze

· Flexible band-aids

· Small scissors that are approved for flying and (ideally) won’t get taken at security

In addition to the bandage bag that I package, I attempt to package some great, quality lotion. Aquaphor Advanced Remedy makes amazing journey size squeeze bottles that are easy to throw into my bag.

If I am flying somewhere that may not have easy access to basic medical care, I usually understand the travel clinic at the hospital prior to leaving. For me personally, this can be at Northwestern University medical center. They receive me up-to-date on all my photos and also provide me with a prescription for a broad-spectrum antibiotic that I can pick up and place in my purse before I leave. The antibiotic is excellent in case I want an excess boost to be able to make sure I get home safely.


The biggest issue I have while traveling would be shielding my legs from getting any open cuts that could become something more severe. Specifically, my shins have a habit of getting nicked to a desk or seat while I am not paying attention. Usually this is not an issue when I am at home as I take good care of it and proceed with my daily life. However, when traveling, it might become an issue depending on whether or not I packed enough supplies & also where I am traveling.

A couple of decades back, I spent 3 weeks traveling through northern Madagascar with a few of my friends who was residing there together with the Peace Corps. I had a small cut in my leg that turned into a larger issue. I was not prepared with the amount of supplies I’d packed and ended up needing to take a visit to the local pharmacy to have a stronger antibiotic ointment when my Neosporin worked out. It was also quite difficult to keep the place clean as we had been spending a lot of time traveling with public transport and staying in beach side bungalows without a clean water. I ended up carrying the wide spectrum antibiotic in my flight in my way home to store everything. I was able to receive it all treated when I got home but that has functioned as a reminder that it’s always better to over pack & be prepared.

Since that incident, I’ve learned other approaches to help safeguard myself when traveling. Our latest trip last week was to Belize. To help safeguard myself against the sun and to also safeguard myself against cuts, I often wear calf sleeves while at the beach. My leg has more difficulties than my left that I usually only wear one. This is an effortless way to not get sunburned in my legs. I also sometimes wear water socks. These are basically neoprene slippers that help protect from the warm sand and also help getting into and out of the water at case that there are sharp shells or rocks hiding from sight.    


Occasionally when taking the additional precautions, I stand out, particularly when at the beach. This used to irritate me when I was younger, however that I no longer care. In addition, I just remind myself that I will probably never see these folks again. I would rather be comfortable and protected than look trendy. I only wish I could’ve given my younger self this information, although I probably would not have listened.

Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I know what works for me and what does not. I understand to examine my surrounds and look closely at the items or activities that I have to be careful with. I understand how to package now and understand what to do when certain situations arise. I was not even going to let EB restrict me from travels whom I wish to experience so I’ve learned to make the best of things. Hopefully these tiny anecdotes have given you some ideas.

I encourage you to get out, see the Earth, and don’t let EB slow you down!    

Stay tuned for more from Andrew’sEB Story Collection! A big thank you to Andrew for sharing his story with our community. To read previous articles, please click here.

*debra of America does not promote nor endorse the products and processes mentioned above. If you believe you, your child, or somebody you know, suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa, please visit your health care provider. Do not attempt to treat yourself, your own child, or anyone else without proper medical supervision.

The Way to Enjoy Travel Solo

“However, don’t you get lonely traveling solo?”

This is a very typical question for a good deal of those who have jumped on a plane or a train and set off in their own little adventures.   After all, spending anything from a week to a month apart from a comfortable environment and with no people you know could be a touch more than nerve-wracking.

On our best days, the thought of traveling solo either for a break or to begin a life elsewhere could be daunting. However, traveling alone has some significant benefits, such as pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Now, before you proceed and fulfill your fantasies, have a look at our suggestions on the best way best to enjoy traveling solo. This list will help make certain you get the most out of your next excursion.

Stay At the Right Place

If you’re new and nervous about traveling solo, reserving in at the ideal hotel you can certainly afford is most likely the best option. While you might choose to spend less on lodging and put your hard-earned money towards memorable experiences, to be able to enjoy traveling solo, you want to prioritize your relaxation.

If possible, try and find a hotel with a pub on site or close enough to walk to restaurants and restaurants you’ll be happy to go alone. In this manner, you won’t feel disconnected from the world.

The Room

Politely request an area that is suitable for your requirements, once you have found a place to stay. For some, a space away from the noise of the elevator is your best while some favor staying at an area with a magnificent view. Regardless of what your requirements may be, don’t be scared to ask for them.

And if you’re unhappy with the room you’ve been given when you arrive, then speak up and request to proceed to another one. All things considered, this can be the experience. You need to do what you want to do to be comfortable and enjoy your self.

Splurge On a Single Adventure

solo travelling adventures

If you don’t have the budget to do everything you want to do if traveling solo, then attempt to make certain to splurge on a minumum of one experience.

For instance, if bungee jumping from the Air Boingo Tower at Dallas, Texas doesn’t appeal to you, why not try dining at a fancy restaurant with a glass of bubbly rather?

Don’t feel ashamed about experiencing things alone. That’s just one of the excellent things about traveling solo.

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Strategy Your Days In Advance

Plan your days in advance to avoid spending unnecessary time wondering where you ought to go or what you’ll do on your holiday. Now, though planning everything will help make your trip go smoother, you should still be open to additional opportunities.

Spontaneity will make traveling solo far more exciting. Don’t forget to indulge yourself at of the glorious treats your destination has to offer.

Ask People To Take Pictures

solo travelling tips

Among the big drawbacks to traveling alone is that you don’t have any one to shoot pictures of you. Pictures can serve as reminders of your experiences and therefore don’t be afraid to ask different people to shoot your pictures.   Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a assortment of awkwardly-angled selfies!

Keep in mind that there’s always the chance of strangers fleeing with your own camera. Consider your security first so you don’t wind up with regrets.

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