Peace Boat ship leaves Yokohama for Asia, Oceania tour

Peace Boat ship leaves Yokohama for Asia, Oceania Excursion


A boat chartered by Japan-based Peace Boat, a nongovernmental organization working closely with the Nobel Peace Prize winner of the past year the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, abandoned Yokohama Port on Monday to promote nuclear disarmament.

Eight states will be visited by the boat through March such as the Philippines and Australia. Terumi Tanaka, co-chair of the Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations, is one of the folks on board.

“Grassroots lobbying is an important action. I am looking forward to meeting people of different cities in the states we’ll visit,” said Tanaka, who’s participating in the Peace Boat tour for the first time.

The boat carries the emblem a coalition of NGOs that entails about 470 groups from over 100 countries, of ICAN. Akira Kawasaki an ICAN international steering committee member, told a media conference, “We have to work toward realizing the objective of placing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons into effect.”

The treaty was passed by 122 U.N. associates in July last year but has not come into power. None of the nuclear weapon countries or countries relying upon nuclear deterrence, including Japan, endorsed the treaty.


Simon g

Wouldn’t it make more sense to sail into Pakistan and India to Israel, Russia, China, Europe and the US using a call on the way home? North Korea is really close too.


While I started back at work the following day watched it leave with jealously. I was young and had not had my wings clipped at an all.

Great luck all of you wealthy kids (it is not economical) have fun and also learn something about the planet you reside in until you join the rat race.

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I have talked to one that was a volunteer team member, and also folks who rode the serenity boat like passengers.

A Few of the things that stood out from their account were:

• A seaworthy vessel that occasionally gets stranded at sea for motor repairs.

• Inexperienced labor crew

Careers due to mechanical and management problems in schedule, leaving little or no time at scheduled ports.

Communist propaganda lectures that passengers are pressured into attending by volunteer employees that is too aggressive.

• Unusual cult-like rituals like the “Article 9 Team dance.”

• Sub standard food prep resulting in poisoning and food poisoning.

• Lack of concern for privacy or passenger dignity. When a passenger complained of sexual advances from a male passenger in her area, the team did nothing and she needed to finish the journey in precisely the room.

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Idea is terrific. Agree with @Simon, but, for the cost of one person, you can feed a family in Syria or Yemen to get a few years and give them cash to start up their own small business.

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