Google co-founder Sergey Brin is currently constructing a large airship, we learned in April, and today The Guardian reports some additional particulars about the purpose and nature of this undertaking. It’ll both be used both as a private luxury aviation for his retinue and Brin, in addition to for aid purposes. Also, it’ll be the most significant aircraft in the world, at almost 200 meters (656 ft) in length. Go big or go biggest.

It could be bigger than the Hindenburg or USS Macon airships from background — the latter of which inhabited the hangar where Brin is constructing his brand new aerial masterpiece when it could be the biggest active aircraft. Its construction has been funded entirely with his own cash ( of which he as loads), and once done, it will be used to ferry materials such as food on humanitarian missions around the planet, in addition to for personal intercontinental journey.

Brin’s longtime fascination with zeppelins and airships assisted in building his very own fuel his interest, and he enlisted the support of experts in the field, such as NASA software manager Alan Weston. While Brin originally expected to use hydrogen (yes, Hindenburg-style hydrogen) to raise the craft, it’s currently being designed to use helium, according to FAA regulations.

No word yet on when the airborne conveyance of Brin will actually take to the skies, but it will be hard to miss when it does, given the extent and scale of this undertaking. Many of us probably remember gawking in Silicon Valley’s brightest stars’ stalls from the first tech boom — maybe airships will be the transportation item de rigueur for another generation.

Featured Picture: Jason Knight/Flickr below a CC BY 2.0 LICENSE


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