Traveling in Yunnan

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Traveling in Yunnan

, May 27, 2016

There’s absolutely no question that travel to China signifies that you are going to be spending a very long time travel from place to place to be able to experience all the excellent destinations that China has to offer you. Now we are going to be talking about the top places that you should check out for those who travel to Yunnan.

Fundamental Details on Yunnan

Yunnan is a southern state of China with an estimated population of about 45 million people who mostly use Mandarin is their official language. That is a state that’s located within a place with plenty of hills and rural scenery making it a really rich location with regard to natural sources. Naturally, this is just one reason why many people visit every year.

Top Areas to Go to in Yunnan

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The snow-capped mountains within this breath-taking location are an remarkable sight that anyone who enjoys natural wonders should see. The mount peaks in 5596m above sea level and you will have the choice of choosing a cable car to be able to get a complete perspective of the beautiful rock and snow formations.

Baisha Ancient Town

Once you have finished visiting the Dragon Snow Mountain, then you may want to venture out to the ancient town of Baisha. This is another stunning location that offers a massive amount of beautiful settings and places for anybody who is searching for the best places to see. Excellent restaurants and shops wait for the travelers who come to the location and you cannot neglect to check out the murals that date from back from the days of the Ming Dynasty.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

You may always expect China to have a excellent name to match each of it is equally enthralling places and our following entrance is no exception. Tiger Leaping Gorge is an awesome location to see and it has entered the top list as one of the deepest canyons in the entire planet. This is only one of the most appreciated archeological sites in the entire continent and definitely essential for anybody who is traveling to Yunnan to get an experience. There are very few other places in the region that prompt people to take out their cameras and find some of the greatest selfies they can ever catch.


This is an ancient town that provides among the most beautiful places in the entire province. You are going to feel just like you have been taken back in time and you will have the opportunity to learn about over 600 years of history together with the guides that are found all over town. That is another location that you cannot miss when you travel to this state.


If you are trying to find a more peaceful location with subtle beauties, you will like to see Tengchong in Baoshan. One of the best things about visiting this location is that you can have a warm bath at any one of the geothermal springs that are located in many of the volcanoes in the region. They’re extremely therapeutic and relaxing.


This can be a breathtaking botanical garden that has captured the imaginations of thousands of artists from throughout the world. You will find over 10 thousands species of crops and making it an perfect place for anybody who is looking to have their fix on manly beauty.


Yunnan offers exceptionally important landmarks that make it a really powerful tourist destination. Other places worth mentioning for your trip in case you have sufficient time would be the Old Town of Lijiang, Shangri-La and Lugu Lake. We guarantee that this is a state that you will be recommending to everyone who travels to China.