Urban Airship AI Advertising Orchestration Unveiled

Urban Airship’s New Predictive Machine Learning and Intelligent Orchestration Allows Marketers to Effortlessly Coordinate Communications Around All Digital Stations and Reduce Costs

Leading digital growth company for manufacturers, Urban Airship has announced the expansion of its open data and stations to encourage existing MarTech alternatives, while incorporating fresh native service for triggered email and SMS notifications.

Urban Airship AI Advertising and Marketing Orchestration Allows Brands to Grow Beyond Contemporary Personalization Standards in an Intelligent Way

Brett Caine, CEO, Urban Airship

At the time of this announcement, Brett Caine, president and CEO of Urban Airship, said, “Companies want to make the most effective digital experiences for their clients, and consumers’ expectations of their favorite brands have rapidly evolved beyond personalization to real time individualization. Marketing clouds have failed on their own promise to target clients across stations in an intelligent and orchestrated way.”

Urban Airship unveiled cloud-based AI promoting orchestration to take the guesswork out of delivering highly relevant cross-channel messages that clients will welcome. The new predictive system learning enables marketers to deliver notifications at the exact moment every individual is probably to participate.

Marketers Can Send Personalized Notifications Across Omnichannel Touchpoints using Better CX

Together with the new intelligent orchestration rules and Urban Airship’s real time automation and segmentation, entrepreneurs may coordinate sending rich, customized notifications for any digital station in their stack, offering the best customer experiences at the bottom advertising cost.

Brett added, “With this newest offering, AI-based advertising orchestration, Urban Airship is meeting a guarantee the market was waiting for.”

A recent survey of advertising executives found “Marketers’ real life vision falls short in the real-world execution.   One-third of respondents said they fought to balance stations that best serve audience wants and company objectives. Nearly 40% say reaching crowds at the appropriate moments using advanced techniques has been their best multichannel advertising challenge”

Core Capabilities of Urban Airship AI Advertising and Marketing Orchestration

Urban Airship’s AI advertising orchestration utilizes machine learning and data- and – preference-based orchestration rules to allow it to be simple and much more automatic for marketers to induce higher engagement and greater business outcomes. New core capabilities include —

AI/Machine Learning

O       New Predictive Send-Time Optimization provides messages to people on the specific day and time they are likely to participate, using continuing machine-learning predictions

O    Daily send-time predictions (and predictive churn hazard assessments from Urban Airship’s very first machine-learning version) can flow in real time to other alternatives and are available for deeper investigation and cross-channel segmentation

Intelligent Orchestration

O          Priority Channel using Automated Fallback enables marketers to prioritize stations for the ideal user experience and lowest cost, with fallback ensuring users are attained on their highest priority opted-in station

O    Preferred Channel directs message delivery using clients’ preferences and the versatility of Urban Airship’s real-time automation and segmentation

O          Fan-Out makes it easy to send critical, time-sensitive messages into each of a customer’s available channels

O          Last Active eliminates worries of over-messaging with shipping into an individual’s last active station

Marketers can unite intelligent orchestration using Send-Time Optimization or real time automation to coordinate individualized messaging across stations. For instance:

Send-Time Predictions

Deliver a promotional offer to MVP Gold members using a combination of send-time predictions and favorite or last active station to optimize reaching these precious clients on the ideal station at the ideal time without over-messaging them and risking opt-outs or unsubscribes.

Time-Sensitive Service Updates

Deliver crucial or time-sensitive service updates (e.g., hurricanes into delivery/service appointments) instantly with fan-out to all available stations, whereas less important messages like order confirmations, receipts, or dedication balances could be sent with real time automation and priority using fallback to be sure they are obtained while reducing messaging expenses.

Simplified Shopper’s Analytics

Schedule a daily shopping cart abandonment message with send-time predictions and continue active orchestration, adjusting into shoppers’ implied preferences in addition to cross-channel engagement data to optimize conversions.

Urban Airship Bolsters Behavior-Based SMS and Email Notification Characteristics

Additionally, Urban Airship  additionally announced new native service for activated and transactional email and SMS notifications, enabling marketers to quickly adopt messaging that is highly receptive to an individuals’ behaviours and interactions.

Urban Airship also expanded on its dedication to encourage clients’ existing advertising options, together with the industry’s deepest integration using Salesforce Journey Builder for real time multichannel engagement and bi-directional cross-channel user-level data.

AI Takes Out the Entire Guesswork in Marketing Orchestration

Thomas Neumann,  chief digital products supervisor, Vodafone Consumer Products and Services, said, “Artificial intelligence takes the guesswork out of advertising orchestration and allows our clients’ data do some of their critical significance for us. It’s quickly becoming one of our ‘simple buttons’ to better and more effective customer experiences across every digital engagement station.”

Thomas added, “Considering that  UrbanAirship’s platform remains open, we’ll have the ability to attain our clients on digital stations such as RCS or voice assistants and moving ahead to IoT and chatbots, which we could expand”

AI-Powered Interactions Create Data That Can Fuel One-To-One Donation

James Washington, Product Manager, TGI Fridays, said, “From ordering ahead and paying at your desk to participating with our chatbots on social platforms and in connected cars and houses, TGI Fridays is dedicated to better serving our guests in every moment where they choose.”

James added, “All of the interactions create data that can fuel one-to-one engagement, and we have already seen how powerful that can be with a single mobile personalization experiment yielding a conversion speed of over 60 percent”

Fisher Fisher, Senior Technical Product Manager, Cox Media Group, said, “With a multitude of traditional and digital media platforms, and more ways to contact our audiences, reaching them in real time, or at the ideal time, across our stations is an integral area of focus.”

Fisher added, “Does  Urban Airship  help us deliver to the real time nature of news in the digital era, it helps us deepen the engagement with our audiences.”

Urban Airship CEO Brett Caine added, “Our new capabilities are revolutionary for marketers. We are bringing the real life nature of cellular into traditional digital stations using the only open platform that crosses the complete MarTech heap. With AI-powered advertising orchestration, manufacturers would currently be capable of maximizing their use of customer data, automation, and system learning across existing alternative investments to boost results and lower prices.”

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