Do You Want Good Smile?

Everyone wants a healthy smile. Not only because it usually speaks directly to your self-confidence, but also practicality. Your teeth are important for eating as well, meaning you don’t want to feel unnecessary pain or discomfort every time you put something in your mouth. Now, if you have several missing teeth, eating usually turns into a painful or uncomfortable situation.

What Are Your Options?

If this problem sounds familiar then you have several different options. The most common solution is getting dentures. And while they seem like the most affordable option now, they require maintenance, which ultimately cost more than getting dental implants.

Dental implants in Manchester is a permanent solution for missing teeth, and it doesn’t require any modifications later in life. Unlike dentures, dental implants are individual, and they bond to the jawbone.

The Dental Implant Process

First, the dentist will assess whether there is enough bone where the tooth used to be. If there is sufficient bone, a titanium screw is implanted underneath the gumline.

The screw is created in such a way that the jawbone can easily “grow” into it, making it a permanent member of your mouth. Then, a crown that fits with the rest of your teeth is placed on the base of the screw.

The whole process can take a few months, but once it is done it’s like having a new tooth. Yes, a dental implant can last a lifetime if you take care of it. Check out this webpage to get more knowledge about dental implant procedure.

Can Everyone Get Implants?

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a candidate for dental implants. And the best way to found out whether you do qualify, speak to your dentist. They will need to do a thorough check, in addition to noting the health of your gums. All these things factor into whether you can enjoy a permanent and new smile.