Boat helped out by refugee rescue boat

What goes around comes around, they say. 

In a profoundly ironic twist of fate, the boat that has been commissioned by far-right group “Generation Identity” to prevent refugees from arriving to Europe, went in distress from the coast of Libya and had to be emptied by a refugee rescue boat.

The refugee rescue team Sea-Eye stated in a Facebook post that it had been instructed by the EU’s Operation Sophia to assist the C-Star, purchased by Generation Identity with the “Defend Europe” campaign.  

The boat went after undergoing failure and was unable to move.  

Michael Buschheuer, the chairman of all Sea-Eye, stated: “To enable a boat in distress at the duty of anybody at sea, with regard to their origin, race, religion or beliefs.”

Defend Europe verified on Twitter that the C-Star had been having technical problem, but sought to play down the incident saying there had been “no distress”.  

The announcement read: “C-Star developed a slight technical problem during the night, to be able to rectify until the boat entered the SAR zone and navigated closer to other boats, the main engine has been stopped.”

“This usually means that beneath COLREG the boat is considered ‘not under control’ and information of the was shipped out to boats nearby according to regulations. The problem is going to be resolved.”

Generation Identity is a far-right team which wishes to prevent refugees by intercepting the humanitarian ships from coming.  

The team, which comprises quite a few alt-right YouTubers, asserts “so called ‘humanitarian’ NGOs are smuggling hundred thousands of illegal migrants to Europe and therefore are endangering the security and future of the continent.”

In May, Italian police detained some members of Generation refuge following a Periscope live stream where they fired flares at refugee rescue ships from the Mediterranean.  

The problems for Defend Europe did not stop there.  

After they managed to buy the C-Star through a crowdfunding campaign in July, the boat was detained near the Suez Canal.  

UPDATE: Aug. 11, 2017, 4:04 p.m. BST C-Star has refused assistance from the refugee rescue vessel, Sea Eye stated in a Twitter upgrade:  

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