Artist creates amazing T-shirts for fandom ships from Johnlock to Stormpilot

Fans looking for a unique way to show their love for their fandomshipsneed to look no further than the stylish and clever “Ask Me About My Ship” T-shirt collection created by artist Fox Estacado.

Each shirt displays the words “Ask me about my ship” on the frontsometimes with art that nods to a specific fandomand can be lifted to reveal fanart of a couple from that fandom underneath. There are 11 shirts included in the series so far featuring a range of relationships like Sherlocks Johnlock,The AvengersStucky, and The X-Files‘ Mulder and Scully.

Estacado’s latest release in the collection is a Stormpilot shirt inspired by Star Wars: The Force AwakensFinn and Poe that is now available for preorder on her website. Estacado told the Daily Dot in an email interview that she only recently saw the movie and especially loved the two characters.

“The film was so generous with Finn/Poe momentsPoe giving Finn his name, their excellent teamwork to escape the First Order, Finn keeping Poe’s jacket when he thought he was dead, their triumphant reunion, and ‘Keep it, it suits you.’ I also saw the potential for a fun and playful relationship, and that’s the flavor of the relationship I chose to depict on the shirt,” she said.

She was inspired to create this collection in 2014 when one of her fellow podcasters on the Three Patch Podcast, Shannon Sauro, shared a photo of a shirt with a hidden image underneath. Estacado mentioned that it would be fun if the image was Johnlock and then went on to draw the design and create a few shirts. The shirts gained attention and sold out, and soon after, Estacado was receiving comments from those who didn’t ship Johnlock but liked the idea of the shirt.

“As a multishipper myself with many ships in many fandoms, I thought it would be fun to expand the idea to other ships, too,” she said. “I love the interactive nature of the shirt, and I love that fans can wear their ship and show it off proudly, if they choose to.”

The ships currently in the line are a mix of Estacado’s favorites and requests from friends and followers. Estacado isn’t a full-time artist and works at a nonprofit in Los Angeles so the amount of time it takes to create each shirt varies and can depend on if the ship and fandom is new to her.

“With every ship shirt, it’s important to me to engage with the fandom, and get to know why people love the ship, its flavors, and its fannish lore. For many, shipping is a deeply meaningful experience,” she said. “My approach to fanart always comes from a place of fellowshipa fellow fan sharing my interpretation and love for the characters with fellow fans.”

It certainly gives fans a creative and fun way to answer anyone’s questions about their ships. You can see the entire “Ask Me About My Ship” line on Estacado’s website.

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Uber swaps car icons for Star Wars ships with Rogue One promo

Uber and Disney are giving Star Wars fans a bit more incentive to hail a ride to the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with a new promotion that begins rolling out Sunday and should be available in the Uber app in hundreds of cities by Monday. The in-app features, which are available on an opt-in basis (so die-hard Trekkers dont have to endure the pain) will replace the little car images on the Uber map with various Star Wars starships, including the iconic X-Wing.

It doesnt stop at fun graphics, either theres also previously unreleased video content from Rogue One built-in to the app which can be accessed once the features are activated by a user. No hint on what these might be, but Id imagine small featurettes or one-off clips from the film are likely possibilities.

For Disney, this is a smart way to get some last-minute promotion for the film in front of the huge audience of Uber riders out there. Its running December 12 through the 18th, officially, so that will cover the launch window of Rogue One, which debuts in theaters on Friday, December 16.

Its also a clever activation by Uber, since its opt-in by default to avoid confusing or frustrating existing users who arent expecting Star Wars ships all over the place. And tie-ups with major films are a staple of Ubers business model in recent years, including promotions run with Batman v Superman, X-Men Apocalypse and Kingsman, among others.

Now, if only theyd figured out how to make an ACTUAL X-Wing show up at my door for the pick-up. Oh right, theyre working on it.

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