We advocate the use and development of the original and most environmentally friendly flying machine, the airship, also known as the dirigible or more commonly the blimp or the zeppelin.

In a world with a growing need to increase transportation infrastructure, but at the same time limit environmental impact the airship is the only currently available technology that can achieve both. Dirigibles not only produce less exhaust they require no roads, rails or runways to operate and their large surface areas are perfectly suited for solar energy conversion.

While not as fast as planes, large dirigibles can stay airborne much longer than airplanes, they are more fuel efficient than airplanes, they can take off and land vertically or hover in mid-air, and if very large they can lift far greater loads than airplanes without the need for long runways. Airships can take off and land nearly anywhere thus limiting the need for costly infrastructure in remote or inhospitable areas of the world.

Both blimps and zeppelins represent old technologies that have yet to be fully developed as other aircraft have been. With modern materials to provide greater strength and lighter weight as well as better control systems the time is right for the resurgence of big airships.

Learn more and become an advocate of history’s greatest flying machine for the future!

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