VIP Experiences for Traveling Souls

VIP. Those 3 letters usually conjure up pictures of five-star hotels or high rollers in glamorous   casinos, but there are many other kinds of VIP treatment and offers accessible particularly for those traveling the world if it be for business or fun.

Image Resource: Pexels

Secret Solstice VIP

Imagine flying to a key concert . This is just what you could do in Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival. The planet’s most unique music festival takes place through 72 hours of constant sunlight and you will be observing the celebration within an 10,000-year-old glacier, enjoying a full spectrum of music from across the globe in addition to hang out with the artists and celebrities in special pub locations.

It’s possible to enjoy boat parties from the midnight sunthat you can unwind in geothermal pools and it is the extremely rare opportunity to observe the lifestyle to get a glacier. If that resembles a fantastic way to spend a weekend in June, check it out to your next summer holiday. But as always, there are only a limited quantity of VIP tickets for this underground volcano chamber appearance accessible!

VIP Online

In this era, we invest a great deal of time online either searching for the best deals or playing games online. For the traveller, this is often where the search for VIP offers starts for example looking for what VIP packages are available at the intended destination or perhaps across the way such as with VIP seats on flights. But were you aware that you might also secure VIP remedy online as many online retailers and even online casinos such as Bitcasino offer VIP packages?

These packages are typically invitation only for regular players and can include unique contests, Tailored rewards and provides in addition to prizes, free twists and present vouchers. For those that play online what can be better? This goes to show that getting VIP treatment doesn’t always have to entail travelling to far off places or spending tremendous sums of money, it is nearer than you think either by the click of your mouse or a tap on your smartphone.

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience 2017

Image Resource: Pixabay

Feel like a star for a lifetime! Behind the scenes of Universal Studios, in which world-famous movies are made, is a private tour booked for a limited number of people. Your VIP ticket will take you straight to the sets where Hollywood’s most famous movies and TV series are produced. And needless to say, like a real star, you will also receive preferential treatment and direct access to all the park’s shows and attractions.

So  there is no need to queue because you embark on your own Hollywood VIP experience! Note that the VIP tickets are limited. We recommend early booking so that the fantasy of being a star for one day could come true. The VIP Ticket Supplies a Day entry to Universal Studios Hollywood. You can begin your day with a light breakfast in the VIP Dining Room and enjoy a delicious gourmet breakfast area. You’ve got exclusive access behind the scenes with an experienced, specially trained VIP guide who will take you before, current, and future of the Universal Backlot.

Everybody deserves a small amount of VIP remedy every once in a while, where and how are completely up to you if you would like to travel to this or maybe get it a bit closer to home.